Over 6,000,000 SF of industrial space for lease in Kansas City. Ford PSW-approved space adjacent to Ford’s Claycomo plant and energy-efficient space that’s first-stop/last-stop for FedEx and UPS. Location, location, location.

Did we mention we have more than 8,000,000 SF to grow into?

Move to SubTropolis and enjoy these standard benefits:

industrial space for lease
industrial space for lease
industrial space for lease
industrial space for lease
industrial space for lease
industrial space for lease
  • Low lease rates — 30-50% less than above ground facilities
  • Low utility costs — 50-70% savings in total energy costs
  • Constant temperature and humidity levels — protect your products and make your employees more productive
  • Maximum flexibility — for expansion and seasonal surges
  • On-site services — management, maintenance and 24/7 security so you can run your business, not your building
  • Sustainability — you’re more sustainable without the upfront costs

Learn more about our industrial space for lease. Get the SubTropolis brochure here: PDF | DIGITAL

For more information, check out this SubTropolis benefits flyer or these industry-specific SubTropolis benefits flyers: eCommerce Center | Automotive Alley | Animal Health | Record Storage

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For more news about our industrial space for lease, check out the Hunt Midwest Newsroom.

SubTropolis is Energy Star certified 100
Automotive Alley
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“We looked at SubTropolis because of reduced rent cost and very controlled utility costs with no expense during the winter months to heat our building as well as very low costs during the summer months to control humidity and maintain a cool climate.”

Gina DannnerCEO of Mail Print

“In the dead of winter and summer, we’re saving $35,000 a month on our energy bills by being here.”

Mark MathesCEO of Vanguard Packaging

“It’s 70 and overcast everyday, regardless of what’s going on outside. We load our trucks… unload our trucks in perfect weather conditions. It’s truly a green environment. We’re probably using about 75 percent less electricity underground than we would in an above-ground facility. Whether it’s electronics or whether it’s food, you don’t have temperature and humidity fluctuations and so you don’t have any condensation, moisture building up in anything. From that standpoint, in my opinion you can’t beat it.”

Joe ParisPresident of Paris Brothers

“An internal analysis revealed Kansas City as the most economical and efficient location for our central fulfillment center.”

eCommerce CompanyCEO

“SubTropolis is a good fit for Leggett & Platt CVP because of its proximity to the Ford Kansas City Assembly Plant, where the Transit is built. We also found the underground to be a cost-effective location in an ideal environment for our commercial equipment installation operations.”

John C. ForestVice President of Leggett & Platt CVP