SubTropolis eCommerce Center - Location. Location. Location. SubTropolis eCommerce Center - Location. Location. Location.
  • SubTropolis - The world's largest underground business complex.®
  • SubTropolis - The world's largest underground business complex.®
  • SubTropolis - The world's largest underground business complex.®


Energy-efficient industrial space perfect for e-commerce and supply chain operations.


Location. Location. Location. Climate controlled space for lease with first-stop/last-stop for FedEx and UPS — perfect for e-commerce operations.

Location. Location. Location. (SubTropolis)
  • Redundant power with low kW costs
  • Larger fulfillment center footprint, with unmatched expansion flexibility
  • Lower transportation costs¹
  • First-stop/last-stop for FedEx and UPS, allowing for later shipments
  • Multiple fiber carriers to meet your bandwidth requirements
  • Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ)
  • Low utility costs — ENERGY STAR certified warehouse facility
  • Lower operation costs – sustainability without the upfront costs!
  • Low Utility Costs = 50-70% savings in total energy costs

¹Per FedEx facility location analysis.

Location. Location. Location. (Kansas City)
  • Located in the exact geographic center of the United States — allows for delivery of e-commerce shipments to 90% of the US population within 2 days
  • Kansas City is the nation’s #3 trucking center and #2 rail hub
  • Excellent access to I-435, I-70, I-35 and I-29
  • Five Class I railroads run through the Kansas City region, and four have established or opened new intermodal facilities
  • Talent pool — large skilled workforce

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For more information about SubTropolis, please contact Ryan Tompkins at 816‑455‑2500.

“An internal analysis revealed Kansas City as the most economical and efficient location for our central fulfillment center.”

eCommerce CompanyCEO

“It’s 70 and overcast everyday, regardless of what’s going on outside. We load our trucks… unload our trucks in perfect weather conditions. It’s truly a green environment. We’re probably using about 75 percent less electricity underground than we would in an above-ground facility. Whether it’s electronics or whether it’s food, you don’t have temperature and humidity fluctuations and so you don’t have any condensation, moisture building up in anything. From that standpoint, in my opinion you can’t beat it.”

Joe ParisPresident of Paris Brothers

“When we toured SubTropolis, we immediately saw the opportunity it held for our company. The logistics alone are impressive, but the potential to grow our footprint within the underground and the access to high-speed connectivity helped us make our final decision to move here.”

eCommerce CompanyCEO

“We love it in SubTropolis because, as our space needs have grown, Hunt Midwest has been able to accommodate them without interruption to our business. As we expand our products and services, SubTropolis offers the flexibility to easily and cost-effectively grow right along with us – that’s not something we could do in a surface building.”

Joe ParisPresident of Paris Brothers

“Our decision to expand our business to SubTropolis was the result of two specific needs. First, the layout is specific to shipment and shipping efficiency. Second, SubTropolis is in close proximity to all major shipping companies in the Kansas City metro area.”

eCommerce CompanyCEO

“SubTropolis’ climate-controlled, secure environment is the ideal setting for our clients’ most sensitive document storage needs.”

Record Storage CompanyPresident and CEO

“SubTropolis is a big deal, and it’s pretty cool to be part of that. People are amazed when you tell them about this.”

eCommerce CompanyCEO









One-hundred-fifty feet below Kansas City, in a 270-million-year-old limestone deposit, more than 1600 people work in the world’s largest business labyrinth. They basically work in the Batcave, and it’s probably more interesting than your office.