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Welcome to SubTropolis.

If you have questions, please call the Hunt Midwest security team at 816-454-7711.

Hunt Midwest SubTropolis featured on CNN Money


The World’s Largest Underground Business Complex.®

What is SubTropolis? SubTropolis was created through the mining of a 270-million-year-old limestone deposit. In the mining process, limestone is removed by the room and pillar method, leaving 25-foot square pillars that are on 65-foot centers and 40 feet apart.

The pillars’ even spacing, concrete flooring and 16-foot high, smooth ceilings make build-to-suit facilities time and cost efficient for tenants. A tenant requiring 10,000 to one million square feet can be in their space within 120 days. SubTropolis is completely dry, brightly lit, with miles of wide, paved streets accessed at street level.

Economic Incentives
  • Foreign Trade Zone — occupants can save significantly by deferring or avoiding duties on imports
  • Enhanced Enterprise Zone
Convenient Location & Accessibility
  • Close to downtown Kansas City, MO — just 10 minutes to Kansas City’s central business district
  • 20 minutes from Kansas City International Airport
  • Immediately accessible to I-435, and within minutes of I-70, I-35 and I-29
  • Geographical center of the U.S.
  • Served by over 300 truck lines
  • Rail served, open switch
  • Close proximity to multiple intermodal facilities
Physical Benefits
  • Consistent, year-round temperature and easily controlled humidity levels
  • Street level access
  • Millions of square feet free from exposure to outdoor elements
SubTropolis Services
  • State-of-the-art fire sprinkler systems monitored by a centralized computer
  • Commissioned security officers on-site 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week
  • Professional on-site management
  • Full-time maintenance crew
SubTropolis Facts & Figures
  • Over 6,700,000 square feet of leasable space
  • More than 7,300,000 square feet for expansion
  • 8.5 miles of lighted, wide, paved roads
  • 2.1 miles of railroad track
  • More than 500 truck dock locations
  • Served by over 300 truck lines
  • 17-foot ceiling height
  • More than 55 international, national, regional and local companies
  • More than 2,000 employees
  • More than 1,600 parking spaces
  • Over 10,000 limestone pillars
  • Protected by fire sprinklers
  • Strength of limestone is 18,000-24,000 pounds per square inch (6x stronger than concrete)
  • Over 55,000,000 square feet
SubTropolis Cross Section - Automotive Alley

Hunt Midwest SubTropolis sets the standard for subsurface business real estate developments. The World’s Largest Green Roof.®











“As a nationwide distributor, timely delivery of our products to consumers is critical. Locating in SubTropolis has allowed us to reach 90% of the United States within two days and in these uncertain times, quick, reliable food delivery is more important than ever.”

Janna LandCo-Founder & COO

“We looked at SubTropolis because of reduced rent cost and very controlled utility costs with no expense during the winter months to heat our building as well as very low costs during the summer months to control humidity and maintain a cool climate.”

Gina DannnerCEO of Mail Print

“The team at Hunt Midwest was able to accommodate our need for additional space so we could focus on the rapid changes impacting our business and ramp up operations as soon as possible.”

Janna LandCo-Founder & COO

“In the dead of winter and summer, we’re saving $35,000 a month on our energy bills by being here.”

Mark MathesCEO of Vanguard Packaging

“It’s 70 and overcast everyday, regardless of what’s going on outside. We load our trucks… unload our trucks in perfect weather conditions. It’s truly a green environment. We’re probably using about 75 percent less electricity underground than we would in an above-ground facility. Whether it’s electronics or whether it’s food, you don’t have temperature and humidity fluctuations and so you don’t have any condensation, moisture building up in anything. From that standpoint, in my opinion you can’t beat it.”

Joe ParisPresident of Paris Brothers

“The facilities at SubTropolis are a great solution for Ceva’s current and future warehousing needs. The consistent conditions and ability to easily expand were two key reasons we chose SubTropolis for our facility.”

Craig WallaceCEO and North America/Pacific Zone Director - Ceva Animal Health

“Stringent industry standards require pharmaceutical companies maintain specific temperature and humidity levels. The consistent control room temperature ranges in the underground allow us to efficiently meet these requirements. Onsite security staff provide an additional level of security and peace of mind to our team.”

Teneshia PowellSenior Production Manager

“SubTropolis is a good fit for Leggett & Platt CVP because of its proximity to the Ford Kansas City Assembly Plant, where the Transit is built. We also found the underground to be a cost-effective location in an ideal environment for our commercial equipment installation operations.”

Vice PresidentLeggett & Platt CVP

“SubTropolis’ climate-controlled, secure environment is the ideal setting for our clients’ most sensitive document storage needs.”

Record Storage CompanyPresident and CEO

For more information about SubTropolis, please contact Ryan Tompkins at 816‑455‑2500.


One-hundred-fifty feet below Kansas City, in a 270-million-year-old limestone deposit, more than 1600 people work in the world’s largest business labyrinth. They basically work in the Batcave, and it’s probably more interesting than your office.